The importance of Human Resource Management in Hospitality.

Human Resource Management plays a significant role in the hospitality sector. Just like any other service industry, staff satisfaction is at the core when it comes to increased performance. Happy Staff = Happy Customers.

In such industries, the growth and the success of the business highly depends on the staff working in such industries. It is essential that Front of House and Back of House teams to work well as one team and ensure that the restaurant process runs smoothly, from start to finish. After all, the profits and growth of this industry does depend on the people who work in this industry.  

However, managers who are skilled in Human Resources Management are needed to ensure that this is being done. The hospitality industry can be considered as one of the most multicultural and diverse workforces around. However, with such a diverse workforce, it is essential that effective diversity management work practices are put in place, which then can be monitored by the industry’s experienced managers.

Excellent human resource management can be the difference between a well-run establishment and a poorly run one. Apart from the diverse workforce, employee retention is another reason as to why HRM is important in such an industry. It is undeniable that employee retention is a large issue within such an industry. Hospitality workers tend to consider their employment within such an industry as a temporary one, however a Human Resource Manager and a Front of House manager can work together and curb some of the desire and likelihood that employees will move on to their next step of their career so quickly. Human resource managers and front of house managers can provide good training and incentive programmes for the employees. They can also work together to provide a clear progression plan for the employees to ensure that they are able to improve their skills and knowledge and be able to move up in the hospitality industry. 

However, one must not forget the digital age that new now live in. Human Resource Managers need to ensure that they familiarise themselves with any new tools available which can assist them in their work within such a demanding industry, which would also assist in streamlining their process, which in turn would improve the establishments’ performance.

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