Is A Career in Hospitality Right for You?

Hospitality is a dynamic industry which is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Australian economy. It’s an area where individuals from all walks of life are employed in a range of diverse roles from cooking and food preparation to front of house and hotel management positions. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, hands-on role that involves teamwork and working with people, then hospitality could be the right career for you. Hampton Consultancy Group is one of Melbourne’s most trusted hospitality recruiters, providing recruitment services for a broad range of roles. Here’s a few ways you can determine if hospitality is the right industry for you.

You Love to Work with People

Well-suite to anyone who enjoys working with people, hospitality is often associated with customer service. In hospitality, you’re going to have customers and colleagues from all walks of life including people from other cultural backgrounds, who have different beliefs, values, personalities, expectations, and more. If you are welcoming, accommodating, respectful and accepting of these differences, then you will be highly likely to enjoy and succeed in a career in hospitality.

You Love Variety

If the thought of working Monday to Friday, 9-5, doesn’t appeal to you, there’s many hospitality roles that involve working different shifts every week which could provide the variety you need to thrive. There’s also many roles which entail multiple tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis meaning two days are rarely ever the same. Due to the diversity of roles available within the industry, you can still pursue an office job in your area of interest within hospitality if that’s what you want. There is huge scope within the industry to find a role that suits you.

You Love a Challenge and Can Think Outside the Square

Innovative thinkers who excel when problems arise are a great match for hospitality. In hospitality, there’s often stressful situations where things don’t go plan or you may be asked questions you don’t know the answers too. Initiative means actively responding to customers’ needs and pulling your own weight, this is a skill that both impresses customers and makes work easier for everyone. If you are able to rely on your own instincts and knowledge to handle unfamiliar situations, rather than depend on others to help, then you will be perfectly suited to a wide range of roles within the industry.

What Are the Skills Needed for a Career in Hospitality?

  • Excellent communication skills, including negotiation and persuasion
  • Problem solving – staying calm when things go wrong and coming up with viable solutions
  • Using initiative – finding ways to improve customer service and prevent problems before they arise
  • The ability to work in a team – most roles in hospitality are team-based so you need to be able to work together with others to take care of your customers
  • Flexibility – many hospitality roles involve shift work, weekend work and long hours
  • While it certainly helps, it’s not essential to have qualifications to succeed in a career in hospitality. There is plenty of potential for on-the-job training, promotion and progression and for your salary to increase accordingly with hard work and determination.

What Personal Traits Are Needed to Thrive in the Hospitality Industry?

Individuals that succeed in hospitality are go-getting, motivated and hard-working types who enjoy working with people, being busy and maintaining high standards. Hospitality is a fast-paced industry with a lot of variety so people who are can think on their feet and are willing to go the extra mile to please their customers are well-suited to this exciting industry.

The hospitality industry promises an exciting career for the right candidate. If you are a customer service extraordinaire who loves to be busy, the world of hospitality might be the perfect choice for you.

Hampton Consultancy Group are the leading hospitality recruiters in Melbourne. With many years of knowledge and hands-on experience within the hospitality industry, we are dedicated to matching the right candidates with the right businesses across a variety of positions from back of house to managerial. Contact us today to find out more on (03) 9645 8236 or enquire online.

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