What do you need to succeed in hospitality?

With such an ever-changing, dynamic and demanding industry, the hospitality industry needs people with a specific skill set. Hospitality is a rewarding career which allows one to build an international reputation for themselves, whilst also connect with people all over the world and ensure that they have the best experience ever. However, to make this happen, the hospitality superstars need to be determined, adaptable and have the correct attitude for the work place. 

To be able to prosper within this industry, each individual needs to have a set of hard skills, soft skills and attitudes.

Whilst you may think that the whole skills set is not actually needed…think again. The hard skills are the easies to gain access too and learn. This is because hard skills are more specific and easier to track skills, which are also easily defined and measured. Hard Skills in hospitality would include one’s Management or culinary degree. Once you’ve gained your degree, this will be listed on your resume for the rest of your career.

On the other hand, however, soft skills do require a little more time, experience and practical application. Examples of soft skills would include emotional insight, leadership experience, coaching and problem solving. Even though the soft skills are mostly related to character and intuition, one must not dismiss the fact that they can be learnt. 

The trickiest skill to have, and undoubtedly the most important one to have in such an industry, is attitude. Attitude is how one reacts to certain circumstances, such as; ideas, people, situation and objects. One’s attitude would comprise of emotional inclinations, behavioural attitudes which is how one takes actions and how express those feelings; and also, cognitive attitude which is all about beliefs, stereotypes and generalisations. 

Studies carried out by Florida University indicate that the main important hiring factor for hospitality managers is undoubtedly attitude, which is then seconded by skills and aptitudes, such as; taking pride in their work, and love a challenge and appreciate adding a hint of creativity in their work. 

Even though these may simply be hospitality career requirements, they are also life skills which are infinitely transferrable. Having the right attitude, the right set of soft and hard skills will set you up for success, specifically in the hospitality industry. 

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